General Tips

Like many large Sunbelt cities, Houston is diffuse, without a clearly identifiable center. For example, Main Street may not feel like a typical main street, and downtown competes with the Medical Center, Uptown/the Galleria, Greenway Plaza, and other areas for business prominence. Similarly, social life in Houston is scattered, with lively eateries, dance spots, and pubs in various, and in some cases surprising, places. So move around and keep your eyes open. If you remain downtown, remember the Six in the City taxi deal: for $6.00 (not including tip), you may take a taxi at one of the 21 designated cab stands or one of the 30 cab-hailing stands downtown to any other downtown Houston location–day or night, with a single rider or multiple riders, and with any cab company. (Note: the Six in the City deal applies only for hailed cabs.)

Cars Near Downtown

Cars Near Downtown

A website that focuses on LGBT-friendly venues in Houston is My Gay Houston. A publication that tracks new art exhibits, live musical performances of all types, and other attractions in the city is The Houston Press; see especially its 2015 Best-of Lists. And don’t forget about the Houston Visitors Center.

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